1) How Does Trade Social And Exchange Site work?
We operate similarly to other exchange sites. However here you can cross platform exchange with other members on a variety of social media outlets.
2) What do I get for upgraded membership?
VIP members have the ability to select on who sees their exchange offers by gender and country. If you have a country specific or regional offer VIP members can focus coin on exchanges that work for them. More daily coin rewards higher per coin threshold per exchange.

Currently Free Members have a 500 exchange cap per day. This may change soon.
3) How Do I earn money?
You can earn from direct referral sign up bonus and that varies between membership type. Lastly from coin pack commission sales and referral upgrades that the referrals under you make. Cash out requests are paid out with in one week of the request and have met the $10 minimum. Your account must be in good standing. Flagged accounts will have a 30 day cooling off period before returning to normal standing and at that time a cashout request for that account will be processed.
4) Security-Cheating
This script has a lot of capabilities. Please keep in mind certain account behaviors will get your account flagged for admin review. In this instance you will get a noticeable red flag message from me by your user panel. It may be a warning or a request for more information.
5) Do you have account requirements?
After 90 days of inactivity with zero exchanges the member account will be deactivated and commissions earned will be set to zero. Only one membership can be created per IP address. You may log in to your account from a different IP after the account has been created. Just keep this in mind the site is semi aware of logins and from where. (Proxies) certain behavior is marked for admin review.

If for some reason your account needs to be restored please click contact us at the bottom right.

Frame breakers are not permitted as the normal. The site auto monitors what members submit after the the site has been submitted. Example you submit a rotator and one of the pages has been changed to frame breaker. Your site will get flagged in the system and you will have a red warning to remove the site. Your site will be pulled from rotation at that time. It happens so just police your sites when you need to in a timely manner. These warnings wont place your account in flagged state unless it becomes a routine.

No adult constant, nothing that would be considered indecent in a public setting. Other wise please enjoy.

Few. Most importantly we want to keep a fair & transparent exchange with an enjoyable experience.
6) We are not MLM or have anything to do with them.
We are not MLM site and MLM is forbidden from advertising on this site. Those found to be non compliant will be removed. We are a community sharing our social media links that earn small activity rewards and prizes.
7) Do you offer refunds?
Yes if you added funds to your account by accident please click contact us. These must be new transactions made in the last 72 hrs and the funds must not have been used for advertising. Members are responsible for all return processing fees and must be refunded to the same payment gateway that made the original purchase.