Author: bsenegalViews: 1,106 | Comments: 3 | Date: 24 Jan 2017 10:43
Sorry Guys I have given earnest thought here. I do not see any point to continue and will move forward. I do not see any value in delaying any longer here.

1. Effective Feb 7 Zubee Coins will be removed regardless of any grace period.

2. The Daily contest will be enhanced and expanded and will go live on or before the 7th.

3. Upgraded members will get an increase in the daily coin rewards

4. Current paid upgraded members please contact me via the sites contact us. I do feel I owe you guys something for your loyalty and activity these past months. We will come up with a resolution on an individual basis.

5. I have cut my referral URL from the current coin box so nobody new can be mislead.

Thank You and sorry guys.
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